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Can I actually get paid as a stay at home mom

The thought of leaving my kids to go back to work after maternity leave was extremely worrisome. I was so anxious to the point that I went online to research ways to make money while staying at home. I needed to create a business where I set my own hours. Then, I wouldn’t have to worry so much if I missed days due to my kids being sick, rehearsals, teething etc because I had the comfort of working at home.

So, I started researching stay at home jobs. A few came up but; the one I was most familiar and comfortable with was blogging. Why not start blogging again? What do I have to lose? I have 8 months and maternity leave to figure that out.  It’s one thing to blog for fun but to earn an income from it-SCARY

Just the thought alone scared me. Even if I wanted to stay at home, it didn’t mean that it was going to be financially possible and living on one income this day and age was not realistic.

Not only that, but the reality of running a business or side hustle is extremely hard. Most bloggers don’t want to blog after a few months when they realize they haven’t earned anything. I think our community would reap the reward of being better prepared, doing our research and having a realistic goal. Also, we should set a schedule of when to blog, so we don’t feel overworked and unhappy. This will also create a balance between being a mother and your work as a stay at home mom blogger.

Starting a Blog Is Fast and Easy… WAIT A MINUTE!

Blogging can be rewarding, but; it takes time and effort to get that successful. For most bloggers, it will take years before  getting good income from it. A Blog is defined by the Blogger behind it. So whether you are blogging because you want to create income from it, for passion or for plain fun… Enjoy the process, and don’t get overwhelmed.

Granted, it’s going to be hard and it might get lonely at times. There can be hours upon hours that you only have babies to talk to with. So, When there’s a community of mom blogger friends that you can talk to everyday online; it can be less lonely. You will also have a group of women/bloggers  that you can get support and encouragement from. So don’t give up. It’s not going to be easy but it’s going to be worth it.

Do you still want to be a blogger?

if you still do, Great! Starting a blog and making money from it won’t be easy, but just following these few steps will start you off on the right path…

In order to get traffic to your website, you should first research  great niches that your passionate about and is also profitable. Remember, not all niches are popular. Try finding one that people want information, resources or help on. That would be a great start and you can also  get people over to your blog.

Find a good Hosting site.

If you are scared to commit at the moment, you should consider trying to  Host your website with iPage!

It’s relatively cheap compared to other sites and when you have the confidence, you can always upgrade !

I’m personally using Siteground at the moment and I’m in love with it. The easiest way to follow the tutorial is by  signing up here and you can see it step by step with me.

The first is choosing the plan that suits you.

As you can you see, all the plans are 60% OFF of the regular price. There are three plans which you can choose from.

If you are a beginner to blogging and all you want is to having a blog up and running in no time, you can choose the Startup plan.

The second plan is the GrowBig plan. If you have multiple websites and you want to create a bigger presence online, you can choose this plan.

The last plan is called the GoGeek plan! As you can tell, it’s more for the experienced bloggers who have high traffic sites.

Choosing a  Domain

When choosing a domain, it should be easy to read with no spelling mistakes or slang. Also try incorporating keywords that are related to the concept of your blog.

Example: If you wanted to create a blog about moms who want to start a blog, it can be something on the lines of (sahm) stay at home mommy blogs.

Or make it unique and put your name in it if you want to create a brand. Then, you can branch off with different topics in your blog and make great content for them.

Fill out purchase information

Finally, to the last part of creating your account. Make sure you review your purchase information and everything is up to date. You are on your way to starting a blog at home all the while taking care of your kids. once you become a pro at this, you’ll see the traffic increasing and eventually you can start making money off of blogging by either affiliate marketing or another income source. But’s a whole different topic for another time.

I hope this helped a little bit in setting up your account so you can start blogging.  I know it looks intimidating but just take it one step at a time.

Need Assistance?

If you need help, you can always email me or leave me a message in the comment section and i’ll be glad to help you out. Also, you can find me and follow me on Pinterest!

Enjoy your new blog!

    1. I definitely will! I will do another post that will be longer,so that any beginners can follow. Sign up so you can get notified for future posts through email. Thanks for the advice!

  1. I feel you on the wanting to find a way to stay home but still earn a living (as if the momming isn’t hard enough!!). Thanks for the inspo.

  2. I have no kids but I always wanted to create a blog for one of my biggest hobby which is cooking, I will follow your advice and when I have some free time from work I will try this out. Thanks it was really helpful

  3. I have read your advice on blogging from other blogs before. This is quite familiar advice. What I would like to add is that it takes persistence and patience to be a successful blogger. I have gone that route.

  4. This is a reassurance that I’m on the right path because I needed to start a side job with parenting since I’m a stay at home mum and I have been thinking about blogging.I want to write on teenage issues this article will come in handy. Bookmarking it now.

  5. It really takes guts and hardwork to be able to build your own blogsite. This is very helpful information on how to start a blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m a work-at-home mom, and I am satisfied with my job. I get to earn a living and take care of my kids at the same time. The technology, internet allow this job to happen, and I am so thankful for it.

  7. I also work at home. I’m an Online English Tutor, teaching English to Japanese. The pay is excellent and I really enjoy it. Thanks for the article, maybe I should consider blogging as well 🙂

  8. I believe we are in the era of online earning and as such stay at home parents can now work while still tending to the home. Blogging is a very good money making niche online and one can easily start it.This tutorial will go a long way in helping newbies know how to start out.

  9. This is really helping out women, but I wonder if there could possibly be free options to start blogging. This could be for total beginners who should not invest yet on anything if they’re still groping in the dark.

  10. This is really helpful! I have worked at home before and I enjoyed it. Now I work in the office and although it pays well, it’s really boring. You do the same stuff like clockwork. I want to work at home again.

  11. Juggling with a day job and watching over your children is hard. You have to balance between earning a living and staying physically and mentally present for your kids. A good idea is presented here, yes, you can be a blogger! Lots of moms become vloggers and even feature their kids/family while earning big bucks.

  12. I started writing my own blog few weeks ago, I’m new at blogging, so for me is very helpful to find articles like yours where I can use some tips to help me in the process.

  13. Thank for the great niches link. I, too, have recently started a blog and have been wondering what direction to take.

  14. The hardest part of starting a blog is finding out the topic you want to write on. It is always a great idea to write about your passion.

  15. I am a stay ata home mum and i get bored because after my chores i sit around and watch tv. This article about earn a living through blogging sounds great. il take your advice and try it out.

  16. I love the idea. actually im good in computers may be i can utilize my comp skills and do something creative. thanks for the tips.

  17. Nice post! Im currently 31 weeks pregnant working as a full time PTA and have been looking for stay at jome jobs. I recently started a blog documenting my pregnancy journey ( and plan to transition it to a mommy blog I can make money from. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Being a stay at home mom and full time blogger is way harder than a lot of people reazlize! These are great tips on monetizing!

  19. I knew the moment I gave birth to my babies, I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I started blogging over 5 years ago but didn’t take it as serious as I am now. Had I knew that I could actually make money back then, I would be better off in the blogging game by now. Thanks for the tips and great post!

  20. Nice post! Starting a blog can be a good way to earn money and stay home with your kids, or so I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing the first steps here!

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