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Is Another Baby Coming Soon Mommy?


Another baby?

It’s interesting to see my son being more interactive with his little sister. Being an only child can  make you a little self-centered. After all, he had all of our attention for 6 years and now he has to share it. We hoped and prayed he got along with her because it’s too late to return her now right….just joking.

is another baby coming soon

My son has always been very aware of his surroundings. When something was off or if I was upset. I don’t think I was this conscious of my surroundings at his age. Really, I was clueless. At times, I think he is a grown man in a little boys body.

During dinner, my son started off by telling us what he saw outside and then the story somehow shifted to if I was having another baby.


“Yes, Adam?”

“Are you having another baby?”

“um…no… not right now”

“when in 5 to 6 months…” he repeats, while looking at my tummy.

I almost choke on the pizza I’m eating. How do I explain this to him?

“No no, not anytime soon Adam.”

“Ok, when?”

“Not sure, sweetie.”

“He paused and looked confused. “I thought you were pregnant mommy?”

“Why did you think I was pregnant, Adam? ” I was curious at this point. Is he worried that he has to split our attention even more to the new baby he thinks I’m having.

“I just thought you were. It’s okay, don’t worry mommy” he said, innocently.

Wait, Let me explain…

I admit I didn’t concern myself on losing the baby weight. I actually indulged on the foods I couldn’t eat during pregnancy since I had gestational diabetes. I embraced every curve and inches on my body. I flaunted what my mom and my baby daughter gave me. Also, my husband doesn’t mind and thinks it’s sexy.

It’s very important in taking care of yourself after birth mentally and physically. So I decided to take my family to Edmonton Alberta to stay with my parents for the whole Summer. We got to explore Alberta and go sight seeing. Alberta is one of the nicest places to visit in Canada. We also visited Banff, Alberta and it was so beautiful. Words can’t do it justice. Lake Louise is one of the most photographed lakes in Canada, and for a good reason! Check the picture below…

Banff Alberta

We continued finishing our dinner in silence and I looked up and was just staring in awe of how big he has gotten. The patience he had with his sister and I was so grateful and blessed that my daughter had him as her brother.

“I love you mommy” he said after finishing his dinner. He heads towards his sister and starts playing with her.

“I love you more sweetie.”

“Mommy, Where do babies come from anyways?” He asks, while playing with his sister.

“Daddy will tell you, ask him” I exited the kitchen laughing.



  1. The picture of your children is so precious! I’ve never visited those parts of Canada, but it looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. This is too cute! Your children are absolutely adorable! Also, I love the quick pass to hubby on the hard question, nice move haha

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