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5 tips on How to be a good parent

Parenting is hard as it is. Get these tips on how to be a good parent.

Parenting is a 24/7 job!

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have, but; it is very rewarding. It’s a 24/7 job and whether you’re sick or tired, it doesn’t stop. You are responsible for them no matter what age your children are! Your work with them are never done.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was ecstatic because he was a miracle baby. I had a miscarriage prior and it was devastating. I thought to myself, did I do something? We feel responsible to give them the best life possible to our best abilities and I felt I failed.

I blamed myself, but deep down I knew it was not my fault. I quickly had to get over the fact I might feel guilty more often. we want to be perfect for our children, but it’s not realistic.

Here are my 5 tips that I implemented for myself on how to be a good parent.

Tip #1 Don’t blame yourself 

My first introductory lesson to being a mother was to not blame myself. You can’t blame yourself for something you don’t have control over.

There’s going to be moments where you will be frustrated and you might take it out on your child for misbehaving  Out of frustration, you yelled at your child and it hurt their feelings. Don’t beat yourself over it.

Instead of feeling guilty, analyze the situation and think of effective ways to discipline your child or what you would do differently. Don’t blame yourself! You’re going to make mistakes, you’re only human.

Tip #2  Communication is key 

A parent telling their kid a secret

Communication is key!  Depending on your child’s age, there’s a way to communicate with them. You might have to kneel to your two-year old going through their terrible two’s and do what they call “Match and Mirroring”. This is a form of communication and it strengthens the connection between parents and children.  Acknowledging their emotions validates that their voice matters and creates a safe place to express their genuine feelings without judgement. It builds a strong relationship between a parent and a child.

Tip #3  Make a habit of praising your child

I can’t stress this enough. PRAISE YOUR CHILD!!!.

Letting your child know that they are doing well, in school, at home, during recreational activities, EVERYWHERE and ANYTHING they do is IMPORTANT. It builds confidence, a sense of self and independency. Praising your child for doing little the things is a start. Be specific and applaud your children in detail like, ” Great job helping your sister build that sandcastle”.

Tip #4 Reflecting on your own upbringing 

You’ve probably been told this before, forgive me if I’m too repetitive, but; It’s important to reflect on YOUR childhood and adolescence experiences. I say this to new parents all the time. You’ll be surprised as how much this affects our parenting style. Your upbringing builds a perspective on how you parent your children in the future. You might have experienced something that you never want your children to endure, this is a great learning experience on how to avoid the same issue. It helps us reflect and understand the reasons why we parent the way they we do.

Tip #5 Take care of yourself first!

You heard the saying “put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others”.

As parents, we prioritize our family and forget ourselves all the time. Sometimes we need to put our motherly instincts on airplane mode.  It’s important to take care of your mental health. Being a parent can be exhausting at times, you need to recharge yourself. Go for a day spa and get manicure and pedicure. Go to your favourite book store, grab a book to read, get some tea or coffee and enjoy your time off. To do a good job at parenting and be good parents, we have to nurture and take care of our mind, body and soul.

Take it one step at a time

one step at a time

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual book to show us what to do. Everything is trial and error. As long as we are doing our best, that’s all that matters. Just remember, we are humans and we make mistakes.

LETS BE REAL… you might not be able to buy your child the newest pair of sneakers or most popular toy in the children’s isle.  We beat ourselves down, when we’re not able to give our child everything. Remember that your love will always be the one thing that your child will remember and NEED, not the materialistic things.

  1. Great tips…parenting is hard, but rewarding if we step back and enjoy. Mom guilt is an icky thing, and it didn’t help us or the kids. Thx for the great advice!

  2. Being a parent is hard! Trying to figure out what is “right” between questioning oneself and the judgement of those around you it is so difficult to be confident in your choices. Great tips to help any mama.

  3. Some great advice here. It’s always so hard to figure out what you should be doing and you always end up second guessing your own decisions. I always feel guilty for taking care of myself – even though I know it’s important for my mental health!

  4. These are such wonderful tips! These are the core things that makes a good parent… It can be so hard navigating our journey sometimes 🙂

  5. I really love all these tips, but particularly “Tip #2 Communication is key” is very important. Being that communication skills develop from very young age and many of those same lessons and traits carry on into adulthood, this is a vital area to nurture for to give a child the best chance for lifelong success.

  6. I am not a parent yet but I know how hard it is to be one because I know how my parents have struggled to raise us. These are great tips especially for first time parents. I’ll keep this in mind once I start my own family.

  7. I love the sense of balance in your article. Being a good parent doesn’t mean forgetting yourself because how can you take care of others, if you don’t take care of yourself first.

  8. Great article and I really like that final sentiment how love outweighs all material things. I think depending on how you were brought up, you might try and do the same thing as your parents or the opposite. It’s important to put yourself in your child’s shoes to understand them better and treat them how you would want to be treated.

  9. I am not a dad yet but I could use this really thank you!!! There is no perfect parent but we sure can be good ones or at least try to.

  10. GREAT POST! Being a parent is the hardest job in the world and one we don’t want to screw up. But praising your child and providing them with a good foundation for strong self esteem is so important!

  11. Being a parent is more than just a job its life. It is about passing the torch to the next generation and making them good people. Cliche a little cheesy but true.

  12. Praising one kids helps to raise such a kid self esteem. I can remember when I was a teen and my mum keep praising me about being a great child, I used to feel good about myself and could stand any offensive words from my mates because I knew they were only jealous and that my mum knew better.So it good to always raise a child’s esteem by praising them.

  13. That is entirely true. Being a parent is no easy job. And I think, for me, there is one more factor. I think it is important also to express trust in your children at some growing extent as they also grow. Treat them as your friends. You’ll fortify the bond more than ever.

  14. Very informative article.I like the idea of praising the kids,it will help make them more confident and it is always good to communicate effectively with them.Will be praising my kids more.

  15. Absolutely love your article my dear! And you hit so many truths and issues about parents on the spot. We have to do all of the above for our own sanity and for the sake of our kids. And let’s always remember there’s always room for improvement. We try to be supermoms but at the end of the day let’s be forgiving of our own flaws and errors. We deal with our very unique children with their own quirks, attitudes and personalities. Thanks so much for these wonderful nuggets of wisdom to moms like me.

  16. Love this post. I’m a parent of three – two teens and one pre-teen (who will be a teen in August!) I grew up without much praise (but I always heard how great my older sibling was!) and ended up with very low self-esteem. So I made it my mission to raise my children with lots of praise. As a result, they know they are loved, safe and can accomplish anything they set their hearts and minds on.

  17. I wanna show this to my mom, she does so much for me and she forgets about herself often, I want her to enjoy her own stuff too, lovely article

  18. It is truly a 24/7 job. It’s never-ending but truly fulfilling especially when you see your kids grow.

  19. It’s true what you said. Our upbringing has a huge effect on our parenting style so we should really reflect on it every day.

  20. Great tips, I agree that its easier said than done. Always remember what you went through when you were a kid, you experience will be the key on how you will be raising your kid.

  21. As a mother of 3, I really know how hard it is to raise children. It’s really frustrating sometimes especially now that they are in their teenage years. But when things get harder in the house, I learned how to pause a bit and just always remind myself that I am doing a great job despite of the hardship and craziness of running a household.

  22. Some very strong points to be a good parent, but still take care of yourself in the process. I agree that communication and praising your child are key for his/her growth and a healthy foundation.

  23. Communication is a vital key in parenting, kids needs to be told what to do in clear terms to avoid misunderstandings and praising them when they do things right to build their confidence is also great.

  24. parenting is a 24/7 job but when you see your child grow as an individual able to contribute to the nation then all would be worth it. parenting needs a lot of patience

  25. Great tips, I’ve been aunt of four kids since couple years ago. I guess I have it eassier than their mom. I believe in your tips and I’ve seen my sister apply some of them as part of her life with the kids.

  26. Thank you for this, some good tips. We have to kids one we adopted one we gave birth to, now 20 and 16. Both very different people but in many ways similar. We used strategies like these in their up bringing and they both have turned into amazing individuals.
    Sorry the hear of your loss, I’m am so glad you found the strength to fill your dream of a family.

    If I may I would like to share a story

  27. I don’t have children but I know how important all your advice is. Communication is definitely very important, also understanding.

  28. I don’t have any children but this is really useful for if I were to have children in the future. I think you can learn a lot from your own parents too.

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