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4 Steps To Build Your Brand


What is a brand? How do I create it?

A brand identifies what you stand for and how you want people to remember you or your product.

Branding is a marketing method to distinguish yourself or products from your competitors and aiming to create a lasting impression in the minds of  customers. The goal of creating a brand for yourself is to be recognized quickly.

One reason why you would want to create a recognizable brand is because on social media,  you scroll through a lot of images and information very quickly.

You want to to be NOTICED and be recognized  from that product or picture.

I notice people, companies and brands on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest without clicking on their profile. Check out some of these brands so it can give you ideas on creating your brand.

When creating your brand or logo, make sure it is rememberable, consistent and simple!

What does BRANDING yourself online do for you?

It gives you social authority… you’re considered an influencer!

When building your presence and credibility online, it is easier to create a look that people can easily remember across all of your social media accounts.

Every time you post, pin, and tweet, you’re reminding people of yourself and your brand. This will bring more people to your wesites.

BuzzSumo shows you the most shared contents and key influencers for any topic or website. This is also useful when creating your content. BuzzSumo also shows you competitive research on topics you’re targeting and which content on your site is getting the most shares.

This website can help you create popular topics that you can write about. BuzzSumo has a free plan that allows you to perform up to 10 free searches a day and two free content alerts.

Take advantage of this website, so you can create content that is aimed at your target customers. This will help your brand’s awareness and drive traffic to your site.

Here are 4 tips for creating your brand:

  • Use the same logo or similar images of yourself on all of your social accounts. This will help you be consistent and it will also help you attract more customers to your websites.
  • Use the same name for all of your URLs. This will help people identify and associate you with your other websites and social media accounts . This also builds trust with your audience. They know and are comfortable with you on one of your accounts, they more likely will follow your other social media and websites.
  • Use the same keywords in your titles and biography .This will  improve your ranking in Google, have higher conversion rates, and engagements.
  • Create background images that you can post on all of your social media accounts. If you’re not creating and using visual elements in your content, you’re likely missing out on a lot of visitors and engagements.

When creating your brand, the most important thing to remember is to be consistent! This will help you integrate your look and feel across your social media accounts.

These steps will help your brand gain awareness and help you get social authority online.

Good luck and enjoy coming up with ideas of how you want to be represented online.

If you need help, you can always email me or leave me a message in the comment section and i’ll be glad to help you out.

  1. this article is really helpful, currently Im starting a esthetic center business and I would love to be recognized online and have a lot of customers remembering my logo and my image as esthetician.

  2. One recommendation I use regularly is the use of visuals. I use the same visuals for my blog and my post on social media. I invest a lot in these area.

  3. This is an informative article,Branding one’s self online is very important it will really help one have a good image that one can be known for on all one’s social media platforms and if it a reputable image then one will be outstanding.

  4. Branding is a good way of standing out amongst people and it essential that it is done rightly to get the desired result and I’m sure this article will go a long to enable readers achieve just that.This article is worth a read.

  5. These 4 points are great ways by which one can create awareness about self. and also have the desired online authority one seeks.Using the same name for all URLs is very important so. that one can be identify easily by others.

  6. This is a great post but I wish you give us examples of successful brands out there. I really want to learn more about building a brand. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Thanks for this article. I will share it with my friend, she’ll definitely appreciate it. Building your own brand is not easy, but it is not impossible. I hope my friend becomes successful in her business.

  8. Lack of having a brand or an online authority makes one lose out on getting good amount of visitors and engagement on one’s site online.So it pertinent that one get a good branding to keep being ahead of its competition.

  9. I believe that using an attractive logo is essential to your brand’s success. A logo speaks a lot of messages, and an entrepreneur must think carefully about his logo

  10. I actually have a hard time creating a similarity between all of my social media accounts. That is because I design each of them depending on the mood that day I created it. I guess I have to start having something similar to all my accounts.

  11. I guess I did one point right, and that is having the url the same. I find it easy to remember that way too and so it is easier for me to manage my accounts. Thanks for the tips!

  12. A lot of people get stuck when starting a brand. It’s nice to see an article like this. Very well phrased.

  13. I am a freelance agent and I need something like this for future assignments. Good tips to remember I would say.

  14. I agree with what you said about consistency. On an additional note, people will likely remember your brand if your image and how you post is highly relevant to the target demographic.

  15. Creating a brand is now easier due to technology!!! You can practically use social media and creating an account is easy. However, it takes time to yield result.

  16. Branding is one of the most effective way to market your product or service. Truthfully, the 4 steps are helpful in building your brand. In addition, I believe it is advantageous to keep your visual arts attractive and social medias active.

  17. Your article was very informative. I’m working on create the logo and brand for my company, and I definitely will be using your tips.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever come across BuzzSumo. Thank you for this! All very helpful tips for branding, I agree.

  19. It is really hard to establish your brand on the internet nowadays since there’s a lot of people doing it. I believe that the more unique your brand is, the more you’ll have more followers. Great post btw, keep it up.

  20. I think it would also benefit your brand if you add some real-life experiences whether from you or from other people. Kinda helps in building credibility.

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